Are you ready to quit that day job and turn that
side-hustle into reality?

With 15+ years experience, I know what it takes to build a successful luxury resale business. Through mentorship and education,
along with a Community of your peers and so much more, you will receive the support and guidance to build the business of your dreams.

STOP and read this.

I’m thrilled you’ve found From Beginner To Boss and while the decision to join or not is up to you, either way, I really want you to remember the below.

You only have one go around, got it? Stop looking outward to find the answers and start looking within. You know what you want. You know where you’re at and you have a clear vision of where you want to be. You are the only person on this earth that can achieve the kind of life you envision for yourself.

I cannot say this enough. No one else matters. YOU are the one with the dream. YOU are the one with the vision. Make that shit happen and if you need help, that’s what I’m here for, but at the end of the day, just go for it because if you don’t, the only person that it will effect is you.

Be You. Do You. Trust You. 

How To Courses

Stop spending hours on Google trying to figure things out. The timesaving courses will be a business changer!

Online Training Hub

Receive instant access to a library of courses, downloads and a community to receive support through to grow your business.

Welcome To

From Beginner To Boss

 From Beginner To Boss is the place for you to be if you want to build a successful resale business. Period.

From Beginner To Boss is a monthly membership (cheaper than your Starbucks) and all about building, growing and learning what you need to be successful in luxury resale. Whether it’s authentication support (I have downloads and courses for that) or maybe you are just not sure where to start (I’ve got that covered too), as soon as you join you will have immediate access to a ton of comprehensive content aimed at teaching what you need to know to be successful in this industry.

When you join, you will also receive access to The Community which is built on Slack to engage with your peers, ask questions and receive support when you need it from people you can trust.

At the end of the day it’s your choice. You can continue to keep puttering along, wasting time on Google, getting misinformed in Facebooks groups or you can join us and have a tribe of people (me being your biggest cheerleader!) supporting you in every single aspect of your business.

Just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy as a member

~One on one call with me to discuss your needs and to create a game plan
~Access to members only content which includes amazing downloads to help build your business
~Access to The Community on Slack where you can post questions and receive answers in real time from industry professionals
~Live webinars with industry partners
~Sales and P&L Tracker
~Access to wholesale partners in The Community
~Help and advice on building your business to be successful
~How and why you need to build a website
~Discounted authentication certificates through our partner, The Fashion Detective
~Counterfeit image learning
~Authentication Support and education
~Logo editing
~Social Media and Website audits
~Your business listed on the From Beginner To Boss website

And so many more amazing things which I can’t list here, but boy will you be excited!


Still have questions? No problem and honestly, so would I!

Click on the button below to schedule a time for us to chat so I can answer any questions you have about From Beginner To Boss