Vendors support luxury resale business owners and help them to grow their businesses through partnerships. This is exactly why I invite you to join From Beginner To Boss. With a Vendor membership, you will have access to The Community on Slack and have the opportunity to interact with potential customers along with posting and answering questions about your business in the appropriate channel. You also have the freedom to share ideas and answers if you feel it can provide assistance to members. My goal with From Beginner To Boss is to help foster and grow those relationships between amazing companies like yours and business owners of all sizes.

We welcome you to apply for membership by filling out the form below and you will receive a reply within 24 business hours. If approved. you will be sent the link to become a member of From Beginner To Boss and when signed up, will receive an invitation to join The Community.

Vendor Pricing: $49 per month / $490 per year

Vendors will not receive access to the website but will be invited to join The Community and by applying for membership at From Beginner To Boss, you are agreeing to our Terms of Service.