From Beginner To Boss has been a dream of mine for years. It started out with Closet Full of Cash and wanting to create a hub or should I say a Community for people to learn and receive support in the luxury resale industry. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity through Marque Luxury to build Marque Mentor that was the first iteration of my idea but there were things missing and as of October 1, 2022, the support aspect of Mentor was closed down which was a bummer for myself and also the members. So, I took that as a sign to build the platform that I envisioned and here we are!

My goal in From Beginner To Boss is to create an education and support space where you can learn what you need to know to open your own luxury resale business and receive support from advisors and peers who have the experience to help.

The Community is a continuation from Marque Mentor and like that, is on Slack. This is where all communication is done and I am available basically seven days a week to share content, answer questions and more. Broken down by channels, you can post images or questions and receive a real time response from trusted advisors.

Channels in The Community

Authentication-Support: Post the correct images and we’ll share our opinion based on years of experience as to whether that item is authentic or not

Best Practices: Not sure where to post a question? Post here in this channel

Business: From licensing and insurance needs, post those business questions here.

Counterfeits: Everything in this channel is images of counterfeit items. 

Marketing: Anything marketing related (like how to grow your list, market your business…) goes in this channel

Pricing: Not sure of what to sell an item for? We’ll share how to find that price 

News: Everything happening in the luxury resale industry

Certification: Receive discounted authentication certificates through our partner, The Fashion Detective on most luxury items

Selling-Members Only: This channel is for members to post any items they would like to sell. 

Social Media: Any and all questions about social media goes here

Wholesale: This channel is to learn more and communicate with wholesale companies and to purchase deals (if they choose to post)

Vendors-Suppliers: This channel is for companies who support the resale industry in any way to share their details

Websites: Post any and all questions about your website (building, maintaining, how to) questions in this channel

Welcome: You will start in this channel to read over the rules of The Community

I have an open invitation for anyone who has a business that supports the luxury resale industry to become a member of  The Community. Whether you have a wholesale company, work in consignment software or any other category, having the opportunity to communicate and share details of your business with owners is paramount to both of you growth. If you are a vendor, please click here to learn more about joining us!

Education, support, access to suppliers and me cheering you on is what you’ll receive when you join From Beginner To Boss butif you are already killing it and are just looking for a little support, you can join The Community!

Questions? Send me an email by clicking here